Thanks for stopping by my website. My name is Greta, and I’m an award winning author with an interest in various genres, including Paranormal Romance, Gothic Literature, New Adult Fiction, Dark Erotica, and Urban Fantasy. Most of my stories are flavored with some form of a loving BDSM dynamic, and my tastes range from delicious lite bondage to searing hardcore. I don’t limit myself to writing one gender pairing, and I’ve been known to produce palpable passion between men with the same ease I pen any other relationship.

New Gotham is a fictional city and the root of my debut series. They city is almost a character herself. She’s a mashup of everywhere I’ve lived or wanted to live. In this cursed city, there are monsters everywhere, and storybook characters walk among you in these hideous reincarnations. For more helpful tips about surviving New Gotham, I invite readers to check out New Gotham’s Leixcon. It’s filled with guides like A Guide to New Gotham’s City Law and Things a Tourist Should Pack and A Tour of the City, and the blog doubles as my personal documentation of the world.

Greta takes fantasy and the nursery rhymes that taught us language to another dimension. Beautiful or not, monsters will be monsters, and they live in this story with an unapologetic honest ferocity. (Reader Reaction) 

Most my personal articles, books, and other works surround classical literature, fairy tales, mythology, and political satire. Expect gritty stories, sophisticated world building, and dark humor. If I’m not actively writing, I can be found stalking threads on different Goodreads groups. As of right now, I regularly participate in M/M Romance.  For New Gotham concept art and other goodies, check out New Gotham’s fan page or join my reader group.

Members of my mailing list have access to exclusive New Gotham wallpapers designed by Bad Capt.  and free stories. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email me at newgotham1 AT gmail DOT com  or leave a comment. I love chatting with readers and other authors. Don’t be shy.

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New Releases and Freebies!  

Where to Start? 

Underwood District Series: There is an old woman who lives in a Shoe, and she raises monsters. Underwood District series follows the werewolves and sifters connected to Granny Sole’s Shoe. The series begins with two unlikely friends, Peter and Luca. One of them is the Boy Who Cried,  the other is the Big Bad Wolf. Can they survive New Gotham’s enchanted forest?

Vanishing Isle District Series: There is an old Victorian house on the corner of Cratchit and Marley, a charm store owned by Elsa Karr. Vanishing Isle District series follows the fey and other creatures connected to Elsa’s charm store, Bits and Pieces.  The series begins with an unlikely partnership between a witch, Elsa, and a vampire, Marshall. Will their love stand the test of time?