Month: May 2011


Obyzouth is a female demon who visits women giving birth to strangle their infants, in some cases causing them to be stillborn. She is always successful and travels even to […]

Posted May 22, 2011


Nemesis is the Greek goddess of vengeance, justice, and retribution against evil deeds. She personifies resentment toward criminals, greedy and wicked men. Meaning of Name: Nemesis: ‘dispenser of dues’ Other […]

Posted May 20, 2011


Mirrors are doorways, or portals, in which spirits, ghost and demons enter into the physical world. Mirror Use(s): Summoning spirits, and demons Portals in which to practice magic, or inflict […]

Posted May 17, 2011


Lamiae are female demons who attack children, drinking their blood and eating their flesh. They have the upper half of beautiful women and the lower half of serpents. Origin: Greek […]

Posted May 16, 2011


(Author’s Note: This post is for C.R. Ward, who asked whether or not the huli jing was related to the kitsune.) A kitsune is a wild fox demon with the […]

Posted May 15, 2011


Jahi is a female druji. Druji are a class of cheifly female evil beings, who are wicked and unrighteous demons of luxuy and vice. (Druj means “false-hood” and “deceit.”) Name […]

Posted May 14, 2011


An incubus (from the Latin incubare “to lie upon”) is a male demon that sexually assaults women in their sleep and/or pursues them during the day trying to tempt them […]

Posted May 13, 2011

Huli Jing

A huli jing (or fox fairy) is a malevolent spirit of the dead that returns from the grave as a demon. It seduces its victims and drains their life force […]

Posted May 11, 2011


Grimoires are magic handbooks that claim King Solomon’s magical knowledge. Note: Technically any magic handbook could be called a grimoire, but the term is usually reserved for King Solomon’s magical […]

Posted May 10, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

Justine: You know, when I was growing up I was always in trouble, and when I mean always in trouble, I mean always in trouble. I wasn’t a renegade or […]

Posted May 8, 2011