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Iara aka mcboiacu are shape-shifting witches who uses her sharp fangs to pierce her victims flesh and drink their blood. Sometimes she is described as the undead, and other times she is described as a woman who has sold her soul to the Devil.

Origin: Brazil


– Often takes the form of a serpent, especially when she attacks her victims
– Red glowing eyes
– Can appear as a beautiful young maiden
– Sometimes described as a beautiful young mermaid with green hair and pale skin


– Mesmerize victims so they don’t move
– A beautiful singing voice that they use to lure young men into the jungle

Characteristics: Vicious for the most part, but in the version that portrays her as a mermaid, she is very loving and eager to please

Habitat: deep in the Brazilian forests


– Drinks semen as well as blood
– Doomed to a life of loneliness because she is immortal and her lovers are not


The Element Encyclopedia of Vampire: An A-Z of the Undead by Theresa Cheung

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