A Letter from Fenris

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My name is Fenris. 

If you don’t already know, I’m the claws running the mayhem in New Gotham. 

Normally, I’m out about town, stirring up mischief and wrecking people’s lives. It’s all in a day’s work for a Cheshire. Except I’m not working right now, am I? No, I’m sitting here, alone in this dank store. 

Something dreadful has happened.

There is another man living beneath this cracked roof and he’s taken to the mistaken impression that the recliner he’s currently sitting in is his. The little people amuse, don’t they? 
That’s right, vampire. The sofa is mine. The crumpets are mine. And the woman is mine too. Honestly, if you’re not using your fangs to catch my breakfast, what good are you? 

Mistress is no better than he anymore, I’m afraid. When she’s not working on her shop, she’s working on…well, the vampire. Training manners into the ill-bred is a thankless task, no doubt. But honestly, where is the line?! No one’s rubbed my belly for days!  I wasn’t made for this kind of hard living. I think I’m losing my mind. 

Why, I’m running through the house at break neck speed in the middle of the night for NO APPARENT reason. And if not, I’m clawing into the sofa cushions with abandon and the precision of an imp with scalpel. And the red dot! HAVE YOU SEEN IT?! WILEY BASTARD, ISN’T HE?!

I know. 
Soon, I’ll be mad as a hatter.

Fear not, I will have my revenge.  And so, after crumpets and cream tonight I’ve decided to wait until all are sleeping and…

You know that tiny bit of foot that peaks out of your blanket and twitches sometimes when you’re sleeping. 

I’ve got claws for that. 



PS. Quintus is my mortal enemy. I shall have is tail someday.

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