Book Review: Body Electric

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Book Review: Body ElectricBody Electric by Lisabet Sarai
Published by Books We Love Publishing Partners on February 16, 2011
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Interracial, Paranormal

A vampire ménage. A Victorian scandal. Crossdressing, spanking and electric play. Body Electric presents eight supremely erotic short stories that explore the many facets of desire from a wide range of orientations. The book includes acclaimed favorites as well as several previously unpublished tales.

Since this is a collection of seven short stories I’m going to talk about each one individually.

Opening Night

This is the second shortie in the book and one of my favorites by far. The author did a fantastic job of portraying the very straitlaced playwright and his flamboyant lover during a time when people didn’t even whisper the words sex. I also loved the ending. The author flipped forward a couple hundred years, to present day where homosexuality is celebrated.

Rush Hour

Once again the author really did a marvelous job bringing the two protagonists to life. I could see, smell, taste the Goth girl, but I also experienced the straitlaced business executive. I really enjoyed how honestly the author portrayed people in stressed ‘rush hour’ traffic. Not to mention, the emotional and sexual content were blended masterfully.


This story was the hottest in the collection. It features an incestual couple and the conflict surrounds the heroine’s longing to wear her uncle’s uniform. I loved the characterization, and her partner was equally as complex. All in all, this one soaked my panties. Oh, and the ending was friggin’ cute.

Never Too Late

This was my favorite story in the collection. It’s about a middle aged woman who meets her soul mate a conference. She’s married, but that hardly matters when compared to her and Mark’s connection. The story really delves into the emotional connection of a natural submissive and her Dom. Toward the end, the hero asks her to come with him, to abandon her husband after twenty-seven years of marriage, and to be his. It was truly touching.

“Do I really believe this? When I’m with Mark, anything seems possible. I feel like one of the Apostles. Drop your nets and tools and follow me, Jesus told them. I will be your mother, your father, your children. How old were they when they abandoned their lives for the Light? This feels like the same sort of revelation, demanding the same kind of sacrifice. Or am I deluding myself?

“Mark, you have to understand…”

“Nobody understands you better than I do.” His dominant streak reasserts itself briefly. The power in his voice makes me damp and helpless. Then he allows it to slip away. I see the raw emotion in his face. “Do you want me to beg?

The Fourth World

This was first story in the novel and if I hadn’t indulged my curiosity and skipped ahead to another story, I probably would’ve put the book down. The author did a fantastic job of description. I really “saw” Thailand through the main character’s eyes. However, the erotic portion of the story was ridiculous and wooden. By ‘wooden’ I mean, I didn’t feel anything other than annoyance. I’m not sure whether it was the word choices  or the pacing, but the entire thing seemed extremely childlike and elementary.

Body Electric

The characters were very well-developed and portrayed. The BDSM was not. I can’t understand the ‘mad scientist’ behavior of a lot of literary Doms. I couldn’t wait for it to end. It sounded dreadfully painful. Don’t get me wrong, I like painful. I’m a pain slut. However, there was nothing remotely titillating about this story. I think it was the lack of connection between the two characters. He was torturing her, it seemed, for the sake of torturing her—not necessarily because he got any enjoyment from it.

A Quiet Night at Home

This was the worse one. Nothing about the situation was even remotely enticing or interesting. It concerns two women who discover they’re sleeping with the same man. As interesting as that premise is, the story fell short. Both characters didn’t really go through any actual growth after they discovered they were being lied to. If anything, they take the opportunity to exact revenge and fuck each other. Um…okay. If I were to find out my partner, especially my Dom, was ‘cheating’ on me I would be…PISSED OFF. These characters took it in stride and just kept…rolling their tongues all over each other’s twats.

All in all, the good outweighed the bad, and I would recommend this novel to anyone looking to learn more about the genre. The author wrote quality erotica, and that is SOOOO hard to find.



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