Character Interview: Joy Lyons-Morgan (Twin Flame Series)

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There is boutique hiding out between the fractured, narrow store-fronts lining the foggy docks. Huge bay side windows offer the passerby a rare look at monster glam. Big, sparkling bell skirts only fairy tale nobility would wear, ruby red slippers, glass heels, and mannequins stitched together from whatever’s left from the last fool to cross one of the Witches-Who-Stitch.

Push open its shabby front door, and step lightly onto its waxy polished floors. Trust you’re in good hands. These witches are schooled in the old ways of “fabric-bending” by the Needlewitches of old. With this knowledge, they’ve created an entire line of clothing that all share the same basic design element: one-size fits all. Each garment will magically tailor itself to its wearer once worn. There might be some “twirling” required, but a vampire’s steady hand should turn every wardrobe change into a stolen moment. Remember, Cinderella had mice–you have the Sinister Witches.

Sinister Stitches Dress Fitting Questionnaire

An Unexpected Wedding


New GothamPlease provide the witches with your name:

Jo Lyons-Morgan

Please provide the witches with the following:

Hair Color: Sandy blonde

Hair Length: [ ] Short and Sassy, [ ] Medium and Modern, [X] Lush and Long

Eye Color: Silvery-blue

Skin Tone: [ ] Ghoulish, [ ] Snow White, [ ] Cina-baby, [ ] Mochalicious, [ ] Dark Chocolate, [ ] Other: Tan

Please provide the witches with your measurements and body-type.

Height: 5’4”

Body Type: [ ] Skeletal, [ ] Lean and Tender, [ ] Lean and Tough, [X] Ripe and Edible

Do you have any extra extremities? Place an “X” to all that apply.

[ ] Horns / [ ] Halo

[ ] 20 ft. of Hair or More / [ ] Gills and Fins / [ ] Hooves

[ ] Wings (Span: ) / [ ] Tail (How many: )

How many heads do you have?

Only one. My mate doesn’t count.

Do you have arms and legs? If so, how many?

A pair of each.

How dead are you?

[X] Living, [ ] Undead, [ ] Astral Form

What are you? (Species/Breed)

Shape-Shifting Hybrid

What is the occasion? (Ideas include: Wedding, Funeral, Sabbath, etc. Oh, and seduction is a valid occasion. The more details, the better.)

My wedding. To appease my mother, who is human.

What’s the occasion setting? (Beach, haunted castle, grand ball, etc.)


Will you be running for your life at some point in the evening? (Helps with shoe selection.)

I don’t believe I’ll be running anywhere, except for into the arms of my mate.

Will you be set on fire? Better yet, will you be setting other people on fire?

I hope not. It would ruin the evening. However, I wouldn’t mind setting my mate on fire, if you know what I mean.

Will you be grave-robbing? (Dirt is a dressmaker’s tedium.)


Is your neck a dinner plate?

For my mate.

Do you hope to be naked at some point in the evening? (All right, dirty birds. Such questions are actually intended toward the weres and shifters in regards to their transformations.)

I’m not planning it, then again Jairo does like to surprise me.

Describe your last brush with Death in two sentences. (Helps us plan for the unexpected.)

Does a car accident count?

Do you need a secret compartment for weapons, wands, tampons, etc.?


What are your three favorite colors?

Red, black, and silver

What two colors rattle your kettle?

Orange and green. Some colors just should not be worn.

Please pick a style that you feel embodies you the best. If none apply, feel free to surprise us by providing your own brilliant description in the “other” slot.

[X] Rockabilly Starlet: This is for the spoonfuls of sugar. The good-natured and naughty girl next door types. Candy is the business and fairy tales are ultimate. More often than not, her head is in the clouds and her nose in the book. Our dreamers.

[ ] Leather Queen: This is for the warrior princesses. The type of girls who give boys a run for their money and wear tight jeans just watch the little vampires come undone. Hands for fighting and these heels for ass-kickings. Our protectors.

[ ] Medieval Mistress: This is for the no-nonsense girls. The ones who know better because they’re ten steps ahead. They’re schemers—they might be shy, or they might not be. More importantly, they’re selective. Our wisdom.

[ ] Gothic Dame: This for the mysteries. The ones no one can quite make heads or tails out off. She’s a mixture, a melting pot of sugar and sinister. She might be Rockabilly Starlet one day, or a Medieval Mistress other days. Our sisters.

[ ] Other: _____________________

Who is your favorite fairy tale villain?

The witch from Sleeping Beauty, I can’t remember her name.

If you could be any fairy tale princess, who would it be?


Now, tell us the twit you hate most.

I try not to hate anyone. It’s not healthy for me, but I do detest my ex severely.

Anything else you’d like to add…

I’m excited to see what you come up with.


Black Pearl
Serves 1
Sweet-pink and violent violet specs of spectral dust waft around the witch cast in the shadow of the grand staircase. A shimmering bubblegum pink corset offers her creamy breasts in sumptuous invitation and waves of cake-like taffeta flare at her knees. She’s a hellish princess on six-inch patent leather ballerina stilettos. She starts waving…like a lunatic.
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  1. 80 yards Centaur sable taffeta Cost us a small fortune. They're stingy creatures.
  2. 2 bottles Neverland pearl dust Brenda had an awful trip. Makes the whole thing worth it.
  3. 50 yards Black Organza
  4. 30 yards Shimmering black lace My mother did the enchantment herself.
  5. 1 Hooped bone petticoat That was me. The skirt is always me. You're welcome.
  6. 1 Orca whale bone corset She had a lot of pent up aggression after her trip to Neverland.
  7. 1 flask Sea witch tears I made her laugh. (Seriously. I should bottle this shit up and sell it.)
  1. Hiya, dollface! I’m Gillian! Welcome to Sinister Stitches! We’re so happy you’ve chosen us to help celebrate your special day! Did Tarrin send you this way? Well, give her kisses for me the next time you see her.
  2. This will be the second wedding Sinister Stitches has ever done. Now, you mention something about the wedding be set on a beach? Wonderful, we’ve taken that into consideration while crafting your gown.
  3. The stunning overskirt was fashioned from pleated centaur sable taffeta and ironed with Neverland black pearl dust. It has given the dress an added shimmer, and it’ll protect against light ocean mist and sand. The underskirt is organza, trimmed with glittering black lace. It feels like chiffon, with a stiffer texture similar to tulle, but it flows like water. A hooped bone petticoat is worn below the skirt for added volume, and it should withstand any battering ocean winds.
  4. Brenda, my sister, was in charge of killing the orca used to fashion your whale bone corset. And Astrid, our youngest sister, embroidered onyx sea-witch tears around the top and bottom of the bodice.
  5. Here’s your bridal gift box. We’ve included a pair of blue Glitter Grinch garters, a bag of “special” bridal chocolates, and a hand-crocheted sweater. No need to wear it during the actual ceremony–it’ll ruin my pretty lines. There’s also no need for a bridal veil. Instead, we’ve imported fresh plum roses from the shores of Avalon to give you a splash of color.
  6. All you have to do keep it together and walk down the aisle…right into your happily after. (Save me a slice of cake!)
  1. [X] Rockabilly Starlet: This is for the spoonfuls of sugar. The good-natured and naughty girl next door types. Candy is the business and fairy tales are ultimate. More often than not, her head is in the clouds and her nose in the book. Our dreamers.
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