Contagious! Vampire Origin

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“In the old days, they called it the Dark Gift. And I gave it to you.” ~Lestat, Interview with the Vampire.

If you’re writing about vampires you’re probably going to have to explain where they came from and/or how you make new ones.
Some common terminology for this concept:

  • Siring/blood siring
  • Being embraced/embracing
  • the Dark Gift
  • the Dark Kiss
  • Turning
  • Making 

Here is a list of various ways one can become a vampire:

    • Blood exchange.
      • This can vary from full draining of the potential vamp and replacement with the vampire’s blood, to a simple “taste” exchange, or ceremonial exchange.
    • Being buried improperly.
      • Includes having corpse jumped over by a dog/cat
    • Eating a sheep killed by a wolf
    • Defying the church or committing any of the following sins:
      • Witchcraft
      • Heresy
      • Blaspheming
      • Prostitution
      • Suicide
      • Murder
      • Failure to be baptized before death
      • Anything that leads to Excommunication
      • Being Lilith, Cain or Judas.
      • Being a Priest and saying mass while committing mortal sin. (What a multi-tasker!)
    • Being born “that way”.
      • Could be vampires are a race of humanoids. 
      • Children conceived or born on holy days. (Good Friday, All Hallow’s Eve, etc)
      • Being born during the new moon or blue moon.
      • Being born with a red caul, teeth or a third nipple.
      • Being born the seventh son of a seventh son, or seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. 
      • Possession by a demon/evil spirit
      • Your mother didn’t eat enough salt during pregnancy.
      • Your mother was stared at by a vampire while being pregnant.
    • Being bitten (different from blood exchange)
  • Being beheaded/hanged at the gallows (though this is probably also connected to having an evil life, don’t you think? Because it would just (ahem) suck if you were wrongly executed and then cursed to roam the earth as a vampire, killing those you loved, right? Right.)
  • Half & Half: As in you are half human and half …
    • demon
    • angel
    • Keres (Death fates in Greek mythology)
    • god/goddess
    • chupacalbra (Mexican, goat-blood sucker)
    • bat (esp. vampire bats)
    • Evil spirit
  • Magic, ritual or spell (most often a curse)
    • Usually has some element of a blood exchange in the ceremony.
A word of caution: in researching this topic, you will find many who believe themselves to be vampires and have written very detailed accounts of how they became that way. Or, even more often, very detailed accounts of how they refuse to tell you how they became that way. Be careful! They bite!

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