The Four Factions

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The Clan Faction

Powerful and ancient vampire houses vying for political power among New Gotham’s stratosphere of the rich and ruthless, New Gotham’s strastophere in nothing but darkness. The Clan faction is made up of several breeds of vampires. Given that vampires founded New Gotham, they are treated as nobility. Put your stake where your mouth is because it’s open season and everything without fangs is food.

In New Gotham, the term vampire is a very broad term. There are many different breeds of vampires and they can be respectfully addressed by their faction title. For instance, it is appropriate to refer to a vampire as “clan” in casual conversation. That being said, vampires are considered nobility in New Gotham and the correct formal term of address is “sir vampire” or “lady vampire.” They are never to be addressed familiarly without explicit invitation, and they don’t take too kindly to be called “suckhead.”

The Coven Faction

Witches, seers, and magic users from all walks of earth come together to form the Coven Faction. As a whole, the coven makes up most of the burgeoning middle class, and most of its members are shopkeepers, artisans, and other trade professionals. And frankly, the witches and their incessant scheming are the only thing keeping the vamps and the weres from painting the sky red.

In New Gotham, the terms witch, wizard, warlock, alchemist, are very broad terms. There are many different breeds and types of magic wielders, and they can be respectfully addressed by their faction title. For instance, it is appropriate to refer to a magic wielder as “coven” in casual conversation. Otherwise, coven prefer to be addressed by their chosen monikers like “Gillian the Candy Witch” or “Arn the Undertaker.”

Registered covens and guilds are headed by a master magic user known as The First Witch, The First Enchanter, The First Alchemist, etc. Their given name cannot be used in a formal setting without explicit invitation. (But really? They’re a lot more laid back than everyone else. It’s more like, “Just call me something close and quit being a buzz kill. We’re making magic here!”)

The Court Faction

Old and over it, the fey rarely ever cross The Veil into our world. When they do, they’re only here in a strictly advisory capacity. They prefer to let men and monsters squabble in their base need for supremacy. Now, that’s not to say lesser-beings aren’t endlessly amusing. This portion of New Gotham is responsible for the importing of rare materials and magical ingredients. They are also responsible for a lot of the slave trade in New Gotham, and can typically be found attending Goblin Markets.

In New Gotham, the term fey is very broad. It is a species, a classification in the animal kingdom. There are many different breeds of fey and most don’t meddle in the mundane realm, preferring to live in The Otherworld. Those who do cross The Veil into our world do so for fun, as a part of illegal smuggling, or participation in New Gotham’s slave trade.

The Otherworld is a melting pot of exotic and intricate ancient cultures. Many fey practices spill over into the mundane realm, but for the most part, they prefer to keep things simple for the ignorant and uncouth. A fey of high standing limits their terms of address to “court” or their given first names, granted the simpletons can pronounce it.

The Pack Faction

Proud to be New Gotham’s rapid underbelly, werecreaturse and shapeshifters from all different kinds come together to form the Pack Faction. In general, the Pack Faction speaks for New Gotham’s workforce, many of its members heading up local unions, factories, and supply companies. This portion of New Gotham is also responsible for the importing and exporting of raw materials.

In New Gotham, the terms shifter and werecreature are very broad terms. There are many breeds of both species, each with their unique traits and cultural influences. The defining difference between species is the type of transformation.

Werecreatures may have control over their “changes” most of the time, but there is inevitably an underlying compulsion that must be satisfied according to whichever curse they happen to bear. For some, it’s the phases of the moon. For others, it’s as random as an unscheduled nervous breakdown twice a year.

Shifters have complete cognizant control over their transformations from human to animal/animal to human at ALL times. In addition, shifters generally show a second pair of animal ears and a tail until they lose their physical virginity. They also have a shorter lifespan and are generally considered a weaker creature when compared to a werewolf. (A good rule of thumb: shifters bleed red and werewolves bleed blue.)

All weres and shifters can be respectfully addressed by their faction title. For instance, it is appropriate to refer to a werewolf as “pack” in casual conversation. In fact, they don’t necessarily find it insulting when vampires refer to them as “the animals.” However, they do not appreciate the term “knuckle-dragger.”

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Underclared Faction

Not every large group in New Gotham is represented in City Council. Usually, this is due to the fact that they make up less of the population. For instance, there are many gargoyles who perch and work in the city. They consider themselves subject to none but the rulers of their nation, and they don’t usually make a nuisance of themselves so City Council lets them be. And then, there are the goblins who operate the Goblin Market. This group originates in The Otherworld, but seem to have settled beneath the sewers. And of course, there is the merfolk. As with every type of monster breed living in New Gotham, there are several different breeds of merfolk. They are rarely glimpsed by outsiders, and they consider themselves loyal to no land-dweller.

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