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Upior (upier) is a type of vampire that sleeps during the night and is active from noon to midnight. It uses a barbed tongue to drink blood instead of fangs.

Origin: Poland

Appearance: A corpse with no sign of decomposition and a ruddy complexion. The female version (upierzyca “feathered one”) is covered in downy feathers. Often seen riding a horse.


– The upior doesn’t just drink blood—it sleeps in it

– When staked, the upior explodes in a shower of blood. If burned, it explodes in a shower of maggots and rats. If these maggots and rats escape, the vampire’s spirit will survive and come back to get revenge.

– Mixing the vampire’s blood with flour and eating it in the form of baked blood bread with make a person immune to its attack

– The female is much lighter and more agile than the male

– While in its grave, the upier can eat its burial clothes or itself for sustenance


The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires: An A-Z of the Undead by Theresa Cheung

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