I Always Cry Wolf

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I feel like I haven’t left my writing cave in days. Actually, I haven’t left my writing cave in days.

I’ve been taking a crash course in traditional writing mechanics due to the feedback I’ve received from reviewers concerning the sentence structure in Cry Wolf.

Almost all of Cry Wolf’s reviewers have enjoyed the book thus far. They’ve also mentioned how difficult my lyrical style is to understand. Nothing you’re reading should be difficult to understand.

This tells me the problem is universal.

Oh, hell nah. I’m not about that bullshit.

Back story: I was never traditionally trained to write proper English. First, English is my second language. I learned how to speak English by oral instruction. I learned how to write English by reading. I didn’t really understand any concept of grammar or mechanics until I’d already graduated high school.

Keep in mind, I graduated with a 3.9 unweighted GPA and 4.1 weighted GPA. The fact that I snuck through high school with almost one hundred and fifty cumulative absences and a poor understanding of proper English mechanics should speak volumes for the American/DOD school system.

 I’m one of those kids that never really learned a single language to its entirety.

I’ve decided to change that, and I’ve spent the last week studying reviewer feedback and different books on style and grammar. I’ve also enlisted the help of a brand new editor. She’s been instrumental in helping me understand the foundations of English.

I’m set to release the second edition of Cry Wolf in less than a week.

I want to end this blog post by saying: I really do listen to reader feedback. I hear everything, I read everything, and I always respect my readers opinions as valid until proven otherwise.

I hope that the rerelease of this novel will help show everyone that there is nothing wrong with admitting your faults. There is nothing wrong with not being perfect.

Be willing to work for what you want, and you might surprise yourself.

Oh, and I heard all that noise about the covers. Thanks, gentlemen. Had I known that men would be my target audience I would’ve gone about Cry Wolf’s cover a little differently. I don’t have the final covers for the series but I do have the second edition cover.

Quit bitchin’ and enjoy.

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2 responses to “I Always Cry Wolf

  1. Monica Felix

    I am so extremely proud of yu pebble…yu have always gone above & beyond to fulfill every aspect ur readers crave….ur totally bitchin’* ♡♡♡

    • Greta

      Thank you so much. I have no idea what I did to earn such an amazing fan (and friend) but I’m truly blessed. (hugs)

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