Kingdom of Ungar

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The Western Troll Kingdom

“All die someday.”

Ruled by: King Konrad the Troll King

This small kingdom’s people are not very religious. They are proud of their local artists, their sprawling vineyards, and military prowess. They are sometimes troubled by rampant crime, and they’ve also had issues securing a smooth succession. This problem is exasperated by the Troll Kings refusal to marry despite his brother’s pleas. The kingdom is bordered on three sides by marshland and thick forests. Their relations with their neighbors to the northeast are turbulent, while relations with neighbors to the north are warm. They practically worship their political leaders.

The Kingdom of Ungar functions as a dual monarchy,  a form of monarchy with two persons (a female, and a male) dividing the responsibilities of ruling equally. These monarchs are also limited by the law of the land, which provides its citizens with a host of a Bill of Rights. 


The flag is an oriflamme with two uneven stripes of green-brown and tan, and a diagonal bar of dark red from right to left. The emblem is an arrow and a doorway made with smooth curves.

Capitol: Anvar, Ungar

Anvar is a small city with a bloody history. It is known for its patriotism, horses and sports. There are two major districts: slums and prison. Visitors should be on the lookout for the city’s holiday festivals, where they can sample local cuisine, view rock murals, complete in wrestling tournaments. The city guards are underpaid. (Useful if you’re trying to sneak in.)

1 gold oiw = 16 bronze adina | 3 bronze adina = 11 brass ix

Outsiders are permitted little knowledge or involvement in most fey religion and ritual custom. However, we have gathered through archaeological evidence that troll religion seems to be a mixture of Norse and the ancient dwarven practice of worshiping stones. Their customs seem to blend between Norse, Roman, and unique forms of address that seem prevalent throughout both troll kingdoms.

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