Kingdom of Uthia

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The Northern Troll Kingdom

“The mountain does not bow.”

Ruled by: Queen Dagmara the Troll Queen

 This very small kingdom is proud of their ancient traditions. Now that King Gunther is dead, the people are fond of their political leaders. The people follow the dominant religion. And the kingdom itself is bordered on two sides by mountains. Relations with their neighboring kingdoms to the southeast are warm, while relations with neighbors to the southwest are strained. They are currently troubled by problems with law enforcement, and the issue of succession as the Lost Cinder Princess has never returned home.

The Kingdom of Uthia functions as a dual monarchy,  a form of monarchy with two persons (a female, and a male) dividing the responsibilities of ruling equally. These monarchs are also limited by the law of the land, which provides its citizens with a host of a Bill of Rights. 


The flag is a rectangle with a solid dark grey background and a diagonal bar of forest green from left to right. The emblem is a black raven and a sword designed with interlocking shapes.

Capitol: Ashenor, Uthia

The capitol city is a mid-sized settlement with many taverns. Visitors should be on the lookout for the city’s holiday festivals, where they can sample local cuisine, view new sculptures, and try their hand at the riddle competitions. Also, the local military are known to enjoy pastries of all kinds. (Useful if you’re trying to sneak in.)

1 gold ud = 16 bronze iamov | 1 bronze iamov = 13 brass fig

Outsiders are permitted little knowledge or involvement in most fey religion and ritual custom. However, we have gathered through archeological evidence that troll religion seems to be a mixture of Norse and the ancient dwarven practice of worshiping stones. Their customs seem to blend between Norse, Roman, and unique forms of address that seem prevalent throughout both troll kingdoms. All trolls are born into inherited castes that determine what sorts of opportunities they will encounter during their lives and how others will treat them.

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