Cry Wolf: Second Edition

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Omg. Where did the rest of the month go?

The last time I looked at a calendar it was May. 

Wow, I think the time has come. I need a personal assistant. I hired some temporary help (pixies) until I have time to schedule interviews.

Where the hell have you been, girl?

I’ve spent the last month working on Cry Wolf’s second edition. That’s all I’ve been doing since I found out that my skill isn’t where it needs to be as a writer. I’m a great storyteller, but that’s only half the battle.

This experience has been a real test of discipline. I learned a lot about myself. Mostly, I learned that I’m unstoppable once I commit myself to achieving a specific goal. The hardest part about this experience was realizing that my quality control system wasn’t what I thought it was.

In April, I released Cry Wolf (the first edition) with confidence that I had done everything I possibly could to ensure I produced a good book.

When the first reviews came in, and they were less than stellar, I asked the people I worked with what we could do to make things better. They told me that we had already done enough. That moment was probably the hardest moment for me to get through. People I trusted could no longer be trusted. They were flagrantly ignoring facts, they were ignoring all these reviewers who were complaining about my sentence structure and mechanical execution.

 I realized that the people I was relying on for criticism couldn’t help me anymore. I needed to go out and find other teachers and critics. 

The first thing I did was buy a book on writing structure. I bought this book. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent. When I got the first complaints about typos, I made it my mission to find another proofreader. I found Esoteric Edits, and I had already embarked on my “Project Write Better”  by the time she sent me her edits for Cry Wolf’s first edition. She took the time to point out a few key grammar concepts I didn’t seem to understand. She provided lots of feedback and lots of teachable tidbits.

 The book went from 114k to 97k (with a bonus scene included). It took me almost two weeks of intensive rewrites and another two weeks of intensive edits, but I think I’ve achieved something in Cry Wolf. I sent the second edition to Michele for proofreads/edits and this was the feedback I received: 

I will definitely tell you if I see anything that needs improvement, but honestly your book is leaps and bounds beyond what I usually see. You’re one of the better writers in the game. I don’t read a ton of M/M but I read genre fiction obsessively and even some of the traditionally published authors have a lot of room for growth. You take great care with your writing and editing, so it’s really nice to edit something that doesn’t need to be totally re-worked and instead only needs tiny tweaks here and there.

I hope that I’ve done her proud. She sent me the final proofs with this note:

Honestly, you’re an awesome writer and quickly becoming my most favorite client ever. I enjoy your writing very much.

The second edition has been released on Amazon and should be live soon. This version includes a bonus scene, my way of saying thank you. I want to thank all the reviewers who took the time to leave me honest feedback and criticism. I write this blog post with gratitude. I also write this blog post as a cautionary tale to other authors. Never think you have mastered writing. The moment you think you’ve mastered writing is the moment your ego mastered you.

In the end, I hope that I live up to all this hype. I hope that I continue to better myself. Now that I’ve completed Cry Wolf’s second edition, I have plans to re-release two short stories, and then I’ll dive into Stone Cold Fox. I’m so excited to introduce everyone to Peter’s brother!



On a more personal note, the entire time this crazy was going on, I was trapped in my own Lifetime movie.

There is a man out there who I called “King” once upon a time. He did his best to break me the entire time I was fighting this battle. He was Buddha’s test for my sense of spirit. I’m happy to report, I’m still standing.

EATF: Cry Wolf has still not updated. I just uploaded the books with the official covers. If they don’t post in three days, I’ll uploading the book as brand new file on Amazon, which means that those who’ve already purchased the book will be able to sign up for my newsletter to access a brand new copy. Enjoy the new cover until then!



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  1. Monica Felix

    Ur witty charm & heavy sarcasm is one of the best thing I have come to love about yu…despite the technicalities involved with all the ins & outs of being an author ( girl I seriously can’t even imagine lol)….i still find ur writing to be a breath of fresh air….thank yu for being the sexy ass goddess I know yu are & for always being true to urself…ur amazing pebble ♡♡♡

    • Greta

      (blush) I aim to please. I’m happy you’ve always enjoyed me writing. And I’m happy to announce that I’m starting to enjoy it too. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen from here. Thank you for being here to share it with me.

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