About the Character Interviews


A spicy trinity of black magic sisters breathe star-dusted dreams to life with their Gothic apparel boutique. They are schooled in the old ways of “fabric-bending” by the Needlewitches of old. With this knowledge, they’ve created an entire line of clothing that all share the same basic design element: one-size fits all. Each garment will magically tailor itself to its wearer once worn. There might be some “twirling” required, but a vampire’s steady hand should turn every wardrobe change into a stolen moment.

Gillian the Rockabilly Starlet:
IX] Rockabilly Starlet: This is for the spoonfuls of sugar. The good natured and naughty girl next door types. Candy is the business and fairy tales are ultimate. More often than not, her head is in the clouds and her nose in a book.

Brenda the Leather Queen:
[X] Leather Queen: This is for the warrior princesses. The type of girls who love to give boys a run for their money and wear jeans real tight just watch the little vampires come undone. Hands for fighting and these heels for ass-kickings.

Astrid the Medieval Mistress:
[X] Medieval Mistress: This is for the no-nonsense girls. The ones who know better, because they’re ten steps ahead. They’re schemers—they might be shy, or they might not be. They’re not antisocial, they’re selective.

Madame Marie the Gothic Dame:
[X] Gothic Dame: This for the mysteries. The ones no one can quite make heads or tails out of. She’s a mixture, a melting pot of sugar and sinister. She might be Rockabilly Starlet one day or a Medieval Mistress other days.

About the Interviews

Authors were invited to fill out a dressmaker’s interview as one of their characters. Each post includes saucy commentary from one of the Witches-Who-Stitch and beautiful photographs of each heroine/hero modeling the completed garments!

Where can I read all of the original blog posts for these tours?

All of Sinister Stitches clients can be found on in their category folder and via the index, where I keep a complete list of each interview. I don’t maintain links to the original posts (as links have a tendency to die after a few years.) All the interviews have been posted on this website where I can maintain them properly.

If there are any questions or issues, feel free to contact me immediately. If you are planning to use a interview for blogging or other reposting purposes, please make sure to give credit to the author(s) involved. Thank you.

Do you have help with the posts?

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the authors who participated in the Sinister Stitches Dress Interviews! I have listed the tours participants along with links to their websites on the sidebar.

In addition to receiving help and submissions from all kinds of mavens, I am aided by different graphic art pixies. She is in charge of all the image editing that takes place in this sithen. There is also a Proofreader Pixie who donates her services for these interviews.

Last, but not least, the March 2014 and June 2014 SS Interviews tours were entirely coordinated by Roxanne Rhoads from Bewitching Book Tours. And, of course, the bloggers are always a fantastic help whenever the I’m running late, can’t find my chocolate, etc.– it takes a lot to put these things together, and I simply couldn’t do it alone. So, yes, I definitely have LOTS of help.

Is there usually a contest attached to a Sinister Stitches tour?

Yes, there’s always a contest, and it’s almost always a piece of clothing sent from Sinister Stitches. Members of my mailing list and street team are automatically signed up for any SS contests I hold. If you’re not signed up, Nike suggests you do it now. (<I couldn’t resist.)

Is there going to be a Sinister Stitches character interview e-Book?

Actually, no. I appreciate all the interest from readers, I have decided not to release the interviews in an e-book due to the formatting issues and such. Instead, they are going to be hosted on this website and the Brimstone Pub, where readers can come and enjoy them in all their glory. (12/19/2014)

I’m an author and I want to participate in the Sinister Stitches interviews? What should I do? 

If you’d like to participate in the interviews, please feel free to contact Greta directly at newgotham1 AT gmail DOT com. Please put “Sinister Stitches Interviews” in the subject line, so I know it’s not spam. As far as what I would need from a participating author, they would have to fill out an interview (of course) as their character and send me the correct links and book information. That’s it. 🙂

I’m a blogger and I want to participate in the next Sinister Stitches tour? What should I do? What would you need from me? Is all this free?

Yes, everything is free. To receive an alert for the next SS Tour, sign up here.

When scheduling time comes around, I’ll make sure to contact you and set something up! And yes, all this is free for bloggers. I usually hire a tour company to handle all the heavy lifting and sends html documents for bloggers to copy and paste (no hassle formatting!)