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Reviews are vital to helping other readers decide whether to try a book.
Are you an avid reader? Would you like to receive a review copy of my latest release?

Readers and reviewers who register to be part of the ARC program will receive advanced copies of my books at no cost. Members of my ARC Team are also automatically entered into my monthly review contest. When I have a new release, I send out a notification with a download link and a press kit.  I ask that readers review the title on Amazon and/or Goodreads within three weeks of the official publication date.

Readers will not be expelled from the group for any review rating. Only those who receive a book and do not post a review will be expelled. (And people aren’t just kicked out, either. I usually send a few reminders before I take any course of action.)

Readers should note my fan club, mailing list, and this reader group are all separate entities. Signing up for one doesn’t mean you’re automatically signed up for the other. And it is very easy to unsubscribe from any of them. Happy reading!


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