Welcome to the Brimstone Pub

Deep in the heart of the darkest forest there sits a pub. From the outside it looks decrepit and abandoned, full of moving shadows and fading memories. A shiver runs down your spine. It’s just an empty building.

Watch it carefully, however, and you will see a flicker of movement. Step closer and you will hear the clink of mugs, the squeals of glee, the growls of discontent, and the dull roars of outrage. Push open the doors and look upon the seething belly of the Otherworld.

You have stumbled upon the Brimstone Pub. Here inside its smoky interior you’ll find hulking trolls clumsily licking the bottom of their beer mugs, hot tempered fire demons flaming anyone who sits too close, seductive sirens snuggling up to their all too willing victims, and a line of stone-faced gargoyles silently watching it all.

If you stay long enough you may hear a dragon bellowing a heated rant, a pixie spreading her opinions around like fairy dust in helpful (if uninvited) tones, or even a druid imparting timeless and cryptic wisdom.There is no rhyme or reason to the Brimstone Pub.

Like a passageway to the Otherworld, the doorway will appear randomly with only the vaguest hint of foreshadowing and disappear just as quickly. It may appear every day, or hide for a month and there is no forcing your way to its doors. So if you’re lucky enough to spot the doorway, put on your armor and remember:

Enter at your own risk.

Keep up with the monsters:

From the authors:

The Brimstone Pub is a gathering place for authors, readers, and characters. Posts will often be written from the POV of a character and could be written as an excerpt from a book, a mythological creature encyclopedia entry, a rant, or even a professional article.

Some characters are more sophisticated than others. Cheerwine is flowing freely, so if you are easily offended, perhaps you would prefer a blog with a more . . . refined population.


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