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I look to the North, place of silent caverns. Spirits of Earth, you nourish me in life and wrap your welcoming body around me in death. Gather here in name […]

Posted September 22, 2011

Ley Lines

Sacred places are often infused with magic. Along with such places, there are locations that hold a natural magic of their own. The power of these sites draw invisible connecting […]

Posted September 14, 2011


The Witch’s knot is a folk magic symbol that was said to protect one against the influence of a witch. The symbol can be drawn in one long continuous motion, […]

Posted September 13, 2011


In the field of demonology, a pact is a contract with the Devil (or demonic force). It can be either written or verbal, and in its most basic form is […]

Posted June 8, 2011

Falling Star

Because demons have wings, it was believed that they could fly up to Heaven to eavesdrop on God and the angels. However, since they were not welcome in Heaven, they […]

Posted May 7, 2011