The Team

Looking for my cover artist and graphic designer?

That would be Najla Qamber Designs, Mayhem Cover Creations, YOCLA Designs, Natasha Snow Designs, and a few other friends.

If you’re looking for the specifics, feel free to email me with any questions and I’ll point you in the right direction.  

Who draws all of your beautiful concept art and wallpapers? 

Cody Tracy

Looking for my narrator?

Chocolate Fox

Looking for my editor?

Esoteric Edits and Design

Looking for my web-designer?

Contact Sophie’s Pixies at sophieavett AT gmail DOT com

 Where did you get all the cool wordpress pulgins? 


A Note Concerning Images:

All of the images on my website come from public domain, royalty free stock image sites,  Devaint art stock art, or have been gifted to me with explicit permission to use them for decorative purposes. If there is a problem concerning any of the images displayed on my website, please feel free to contact me directly. I promise the whole of artists that I come in peace. 


Image Attribution 


Fox – Yod Pimsen 


Roses – Galyna Kobernichenko 

Home Page

Dandy Gentlemen – Елена Шипилова

Alice Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette

Vampire Blood Badge – Ivan Baranov 

Underwood District 

Unicorn Horn Badge – Ivan Baranov 

Gun Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Fly – Patrick Guenette 

Mushroom – Patrick Guenette 

Vanishing Isle District

Witches Brew Badge – Ivan Baranov 

Butterfly Badge – terriana

Fly  –  Patrick Guenette 

Mushrooms – Patrick Guenette 


Crow Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Wolf with Yarn – popmarleo 

New Gotham 

Street Image – Patrick Guenette 

Raven and Skull – Sergey Kandakov 

Woman Ink Drawing –Patrick Guenette 

Buttons – Anna Shvaleva

Quill Vector – Kadriya Gatina 

Butterfly Badge – terriana

The Six Districts

Wolf and Red – popmarleo 

Quill Vector – Kadriya Gatina 

Bat Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Necklace Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Mammoth Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Flame Skull –  seamartini 

Spider Face – seamartini 

Crowns – Patrick Guenette 

Heart with Wings –  ipanki 

Needles –  popmarleo 

Sewing Machine – popmarleo 

Born to be Wild –  dashikka

Creature Skeleton – Patrick Guenette 

Bulletins and Announcements

Raven Skull

Raven and Skull – Sergey Kandakov 

Quill Vector – Kadriya Gatina 

Butterfly Badge – terriana

Pack Faction

Creature Skull –  Patrick Guenette 

Raven and Skull – Sergey Kandakov 

Butterfly Badge – terriana

Woman Ink Drawing –  Patrick Guenette 

Pack Marks –  Patrick Guenette

Independent Pack Marks –  Patrick Guenette

Fenris Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Tiger Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Unicorn Drawing –

Guide to City Law

People Ink Drawing – Patrick Guenette 

Raven and Skull Drawing – Sergey Kandakov 

Woman Ink Drawing –  Patrick Guenette 

Butterfly Badge – terriana

Quill Vector – Kadriya Gatina 

Fan Club

Gremlins –13ug13th 

ARC Team

Gremlins – 13ug13th 

Active Contests

Needles –popmarleo 

Contest Prize Images

(Q&Q Fashion) Wolf pin

(Q&Q Fashion) Wonderland Bracelet

(Justinstones) Lavender Shard 

(Angel Caller) Kistune Necklace 

iHeartRaves – Fox ears 

iHeartRaves Wolf ears 

(Salome Idea) Keys 

(WUSUANED) Black Wolf Tooth

Quiz Pages 

Witch – mikesilent 

My Dollhouse

Fox – Yod Pimsen

Needles – popmarleo 

Sewing Machine – popmarleo 

Clocks – Yulia Glam

Scissors – popmarleo 

Greenleaf Dollhouse – Greenleaf 


Dead Fish – Ivan Baranov 

Typo Challenge 

Wolf I Love You – popmarleo 

Greta Avatar – Josef Prchal

Grandma’s Wolf –  popmarleo 


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