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Zmag Ognjeni Vuk

Zmag Ognjeni Vuk (“Fiery Dragon Wolf”) is a fire breathing werewolf that battles dragons. Origin: Serbia, Bosnia Characteristics: Often referred to as a monster that terrorized the region despite its […]

Posted April 29, 2011


“Xecotcovach is the Mayan bird who tore out the eyes of the first men, who were destroyed in the flood sent by the god Hurakan. He was one of the […]

Posted April 28, 2011


“In Norse mythology, the Valkyries are the female beings who carry away the souls of warriors slain in battle. Their name derives from the Old Norse valr ‘battlefield corpse’ and […]

Posted April 27, 2011


“The name troll is simply monster in Old Norse, and these beings are certainly monstrous in the various forms in which they are found throughout Scandinavian mythology. They can sometimes […]

Posted April 24, 2011


The Roc is a great bird of Middle Eastern legend. It looks like a eagle or vulture, with horns upon its head and a wingspan of astounding width. It can […]

Posted April 21, 2011


“The Peri are the fairy people of Persia where they represent the beings of the forest and river, predating Zoroastrian and Islamic religions. Like fairies elsewhere they could be friendly […]

Posted April 19, 2011


“The Oschaert is one of the many fearsome Black Dogs mentioned in European folklore. It preys upon travellers at night, leaping onto their backs and growing heavier until it crushes […]

Posted April 18, 2011


Nymphs are a form of nature deity. They are often the protectors of a certain spot in nature (i.e. a lake or grotto) and will defend their home fiercely if […]

Posted April 16, 2011


Mermaids, in European and American folklore, have the head and body of a beautiful maiden and the tail of a fish. They live in the sea, in a splendid underwater […]

Posted April 14, 2011


“The Lung are the dragon kinds of Chinese mythology who are the servants of the Yuanshi Tian Zong [the Celestial Ancient of the Primordial Beginnings]. In the Toaist belief, there […]

Posted April 12, 2011