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Xanas are nymphs and or fairies. Folklore Origin: Asturian Folklore (Present day Spain) Creature Origin: Said to be women of the Moors that were left behind when they left Appearance: […]

Posted August 27, 2011

Queen Mab

Queen Mab is the traditional queen of the fairy folk. Other Name(s): Mab, Mabh, Medb, Medhbh, Maeve and Queen Wolf Folklore Origin: Celtic Folklore Task(s) & Power(s): Rules over the […]

Posted August 19, 2011


Nix (plural: Nixen, female version: Nixie) are malicious water creatures, often confused with mermaids due to both their siren nature and their occasional half-human, half-fish form. “Nix” comes from the […]

Posted August 16, 2011


Iron has been used for centuries to battle forces of evil. It is used to break bewitchments, repel evil people and spirits, and in some cases to absorb the evil […]

Posted August 10, 2011


Ellyllon are tiny fairies and, although they are not elves per say, they have some of the characteristics of certain kinds of Celtic elves. Name Note(s): Ellyllon is the plural […]

Posted August 5, 2011


A changeling is an object or creature left in place of a human that has been stolen by fairies. The object/creature is enchanted to look like the human it has […]

Posted August 2, 2011