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Fallen Angels

A Fallen Angel, in its most basic form, is an angel who used to reside in Heaven and now resides somewhere else (Earth, Hell, etc.). Their change in residence is […]

Posted July 27, 2011

King Solomon’s 72 Spirits..

Demons included in this post: Adrealphus, Andromalius, Asmoday, Astaroth Adrealphus is a fallen angel and 65th of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Appearance: Appears as a noisy peacock and then […]

Posted July 19, 2011

King Solomon’s 72 Spirits..

Important Note: These are the rest of the entries that were previously scheduled for King Solomon’s 72 Spirits theme. Due to the small amount of information available for each individual […]

Posted July 19, 2011


Alloces is a Fallen Angel and the 52nd of King Solomon’s 72 spirits. After his fall: A duke in Hell, ruling over 36 legions of demons. A teacher of astronomy […]

Posted July 18, 2011


Aim is one of the fallen angels and 72 Spirits of Solomon. Other Name(s): Aini Appearance: Appears as a handsome man, with two stars on his forehead Always occupanied by […]

Posted July 15, 2011


Agares is a Fallen Angel and the second of King Solomon’s 72 spirits. Before his fall: Member of the Virtues (click link to read “Virtues” post). In this position he […]

Posted July 14, 2011


Abaddon has been regarded as both the angel of death and destruction–sometimes equated with the likes of Satan–as well as the name of a place. In the Old Testament, Abaddon […]

Posted May 2, 2011


“The Peri are the fairy people of Persia where they represent the beings of the forest and river, predating Zoroastrian and Islamic religions. Like fairies elsewhere they could be friendly […]

Posted April 19, 2011