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Toads, like frogs, have often been associated with witches. This association took one of two forms: Familiar Ingredient in a spell/potion/brew FamiliarWhen threatened, a toad’s skin will secrete a thick […]

Posted September 23, 2011


A familiar is a spirit that maintains contact with a specific person. Some familiars attach themselves to a family bloodline and serve generations. Familiars are summoned via magical ritual, given, […]

Posted September 8, 2011


Imps are small demons, who have the same attributes as magical familiars (I will do a separate post on familiars) and djinn. (Click Here to read post on Djinn) Folklore […]

Posted July 26, 2011

King Solomon’s 72 Spirits..

Important Note: These are the rest of the entries that were previously scheduled for King Solomon’s 72 Spirits theme. Due to the small amount of information available for each individual […]

Posted July 19, 2011