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Leanan sídhe

Leanan sidhe is a fairy-lover and dark muse who continuously seeks out male companions to fulfill her sexually vampiric cravings. Other Name(s): Lhiannan shee, Lliannan-She, Leanan Sidhe Name Meaning(s): Barrow-lover […]

Posted August 13, 2011


A succubus is a female demon that initiates sexual intercourse with men (often while the men are asleep and vulnerable). Origin: Medieval Europe Characteristics: Beautiful and seductive. They have a […]

Posted June 28, 2011


An incubus (from the Latin incubare “to lie upon”) is a male demon that sexually assaults women in their sleep and/or pursues them during the day trying to tempt them […]

Posted May 13, 2011

Babylonian Demon Trap

A Babylonian demon trap is a small bowl the size of a soup dish, made from terra cotta. It is inscribed with charms written in ink in a spiral from […]

Posted May 4, 2011