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White Buffalo Woman

The White Buffalo Woman (aka White Buffalo Calf Woman) is the supernatural being who introduced the peace pipe to the Plains Indians. The story of the peace pipe is the […]

Posted August 26, 2011


Zotz is a vampire-like lord of the underworld. Name Meaning: ‘Bat’ Other Names: Cama Zotz Origin: Maya Appearance: Large being Has wings Head of a dog Needle-sharp teeth Bloody, contorted […]

Posted July 13, 2011


Yactecutli and Tzitzimine, were brothers of Tezcatilpoca, who were cast out of Heaven for their acts of sacrilege and descerations against the Gods. Othere Name Spelling(s): Yacatecuhtli Yiacatecuhtli Name Meaning: […]

Posted July 11, 2011

Xipe Totec

Xipe Totec, known as the night-drinker, is a vampire demon of the underworld. He is also a diety known as ‘our lord the flayed one.’ Other Names: Tlatlaucha Tlatlauhqui Youalahuan […]

Posted July 9, 2011


“Xecotcovach is the Mayan bird who tore out the eyes of the first men, who were destroyed in the flood sent by the god Hurakan. He was one of the […]

Posted April 28, 2011

Will o’ the Wisp

Will o’ the wisps are balls of light, usually blue, that appear over marshes and bogs. Some people believe they are the spirits of the dead, barred from Heaven and […]

Posted April 27, 2011