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Xanas are nymphs and or fairies. Folklore Origin: Asturian Folklore (Present day Spain) Creature Origin: Said to be women of the Moors that were left behind when they left Appearance: […]

Posted August 27, 2011


Vila or Vili (plural) are fairies, who live as nymphs. Other Name(s): Wili, Samovily, Veela, Wila Folklore Origin: Slavic Folklore Creature Origin: They’re said to be the spirits of virgins […]

Posted August 25, 2011


Rusalka or Rusalki (plural) are water nymphs. Folklore Origin: Slavic Folklore Creature Origin: According to folklore they’re the souls/spirits of young women or girls who died an unatural death, such […]

Posted August 20, 2011


Nymphs are a form of nature deity. They are often the protectors of a certain spot in nature (i.e. a lake or grotto) and will defend their home fiercely if […]

Posted April 16, 2011