The World

New Gotham

More than most authors, I invest a lot of time and energy into creating my world. New Gotham is the root of everything I write. I invite readers to take a tour! 

New Gotham: TOC
  • Tour of the City – The basics to get you started. 
  • Things a Tourist Should Pack – Just a helpful list for the average person trying to survive their stay.
  • The Six Districts – More information about the layout of the city and who (and what lives where.) 
  • PSAs and Bulletins – What’s going on in the city right now? Let the senior editor of New Gotham’s newspaper keep you informed.
  • A Guide to City Law – New Gotham’s mayor walks tourists through all the differences between the outside world and the city of the damned. 
  • The Four Factions – Learn more about the New Gotham’s urban culture and their political system.
    • Pack Faction – Learn more about the werewolves and shifters living in New Gotham.
      • Life in a Pack – A guide to life in one of New Gotham’s pack. More information on the politics, family life, and hierarchies.
    • Court Faction – Coming soon! 
    • Clan Faction – Coming soon!
    • Coven Faction – Coming soon! 
  • The Yellow Pages – Find information on main attractions, businesses-of-note, and hot spots. 
    • Classified Ads – Browse the classified ads and job listings help another monster! 
  • Paranormal Encyclopedia – Learn more about the monsters! (See more information on Where to Start: The Blog)
  • The Yellow Pages (Meet the Characters) – Main characters have individual posts and side characters have shared post. All of the posts have fantastic pictures (or as close as I could get to my original vision.)
    • A Letter from the Cheshire – A force of chaos in the city, Fenris has decided to share his thoughts with readers. 
    • A Letter from the Fairy Godmother – The voice of reason in the city, Mrs. Potts is a busy woman. She’s responsible for all happily-ever-afters in New Gotham. It’s a tough job.
    • Sinister Stitches Character Interviews – More info below.
  • Original New Gotham wallpapers and concept art – Readers can view all New Gotham’s artwork and download original wallpapers.
  • Granny’s Recipes – Due to the diversity in New Gotham, the city’s cuisine is vibrant and varied. Check out some of Granny Sole’s favorite recipes.
  • Take the Release your Inner Wolf Quiz – Interested to know what breed of werewolf you are?
  • Take the Pick Your Style Quiz – Interested to know which Gothic fairy tale princess you embody?
  • Sign New Gotham’s Guestbook – Leave your mark and win a prize!