New Gotham: Tour of the City

Welcome to the City of the Damned

“Hell is empty and the devils are all here.” ~WS

About the City’s History

New Gotham’s charter was drafted as an entire city grid dedicated for paranormal creatures to live “in the open.” It is one of the many cities scattered across the globe, operating under the statures of the United Nation’s International Dante Act. Each city is governed on a regional level by an elected mayor and a small republic composed of leading members from each of the four factions.

About New Gotham’s Government

Esteemed Mayor Elvira de Marc

New Gotham functions like a principality, and is considered an independent entity operating on American soil. The elected mayor governs the city with the help of the deputy major, and both offices can be occupied until death. Most mayors prefer to limit their terms to around 50 years or so. Apparently, running a city is taxing. Each borough (or district) has a borough representative, also known as Region Master. Those Region Masters or representatives form City Council, and are responsible for the day-to-day managing of each district, and for proposing and voting on legislation.

To find City Council or the Mayor, one must travel to Clockwork District. The entirety of Eleventh Avenue has been dedicated to embassies from other worlds, and the several branches of New Gotham’s government, like City Hall and Machiavelli Court House.

City Hall is open to tourists, and the public. However, the whole of City Council seems to actually function out of the Clockwork Municipal Building, which can be found in at the end of the street. It’s the monstrous fortress rising into the distance, you can’t miss it.

Beware the Citizens

Vampires, trolls, brownies. Gay and straight people, brown and blue people, people who wear tiny hats, people who don’t wear hats—there is diversity in the city of the damned. There’s magic, fairy tales, sinister dark humor. Anyone who visits usually ends up captured or naked during their stay. And every story that unfolds in New Gotham is told ala Grimm-style and lovingly served with tea and cake. However, we do urge tourists to be prepared for a “grittier” society. New Gotham is a sinful Gothic city. And its citizens are not for the faint of heart.

Currency and Trade

We take American dollars, Roman denarii, Atlantian pearls, and firstborn children. Sometimes you will even run into circumstances where payment is exchanged by way of trade. Various things are traded. Sometimes, it’s drugs from Wuthering Wonderland. Other times, it’s a slab of glittering textile offered to a brownie in exchange for their hard work. In the case of trade, if the transaction is completed–as in, you’ve got their stuff, and they’ve got yours–it’s over. Once something is traded, consider it lost.

New Gotham 2

Stakes and Silver Rounds

There are monsters everywhere. Please brush up on your mythology and prepare accordingly. Do note that holy water does nothing but make perfectly dry things wet, and silver crosses are considered cute, festive décor. The smell of garlic is still repulsive, but, really—isn’t it always? Oh, and please for our sake and yours, do NOT mention ANYTHING that sparkles. We won’t be able to save you! There are monster hunters. We try to keep them out of the city. It doesn’t really work. Crafty, they are. There is talk of building a wall, but that hasn’t really worked out for California, so… Beware, the Ironhand is out to kill you. The Silverhand, too.  They’re out to kill us all. Paranoia does that to people.

Death and Taxes

Wear a condom. Granny Sole’s shoe is being devoured by orphans. Help us help her AND lower state and federal taxes, be responsible and safe. And yes, of course, monsters pay taxes. You think they’d let us live here for free? Ha! Death and taxes, not even we escape. Speaking of Death, he’s a very busy man, so please, if you can–die quickly. If you happen to need a funeral service during your stay here in New Gotham, please feel free to contact the Grimm Mortician at the Boneyard Funeral Parlor.