The Books


New Gotham

These books are not listed by reading order. They listed by trope. Pick a book based on what you’re interested in. Enjoy. 

All of these books are written by Greta Stone.  If you’re looking for general recommendations, see this list.

MM Romance (Shifter) Stories

Underwood District Series: There is an old woman who lives in a Shoe. She raises monsters. Underwood District series follows the werewolves and sifters connected to Granny Sole’s Shoe. The series begins with two unlikely friends, Peter and Luca. One of them is the Boy Who Cried, the other is the Big Bad Wolf. Will their friendship stand the test of time?

BDSM/Fantasy Erotic Romance Stories

Vanishing Isle District Series: There is an old Victorian house on the Cratchit and Marley. It’s a charm store owned by Elsa Karr. Vanishing Isle District follows the fey and other creatures connected to Elsa’s charm store Bits and Pieces.  The series begins with two unlikely lovers, Elsa and Marshall. One of them is a witch, the other is a vampire. Will their love stand the test of time?